Information for participants

Disclaimer / Guidance Notes

If you are living with a medically diagnosed and / or controlled health condition, please consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise and confirm that they are happy for you to exercise.  It is not recommended that you restart exercise without direction from your doctor after the birth of your baby. Typically, there is a six to eight-week check after a vaginal delivery. This is when you will be advised about restarting appropriate exercise. Not all surgeries offer this check so you may have to make a specific appointment to discuss with your health professional.

After a Caesarean, the safest guidance is to wait until 12 weeks have passed and only start if you are feeling 100% recovered and your Caesarean section is healed with no history of infection on the wound site.

Do you have any postpartum or postnatal considerations that might affect your ability to participate in exercise? Are you experiencing;

a womb infection?
a wound infection?
extended postpartum bleeding?
extended postpartum haemorrhage?
abdominal pain?
pelvic pain?
unhealed and concerning abdominal separation?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, DO NOT start today. Please wait until you are feeling well enough and have been given the go-ahead from your doctor or health professional.

All pregnancies are unique and therefore all postnatal journeys are unique. Each experience is different, and it is so important to allow yourself ample time to adjust and take care of yourself as a mother, even more so if you have more than one child, to avoid exhaustion. If you have any concerns about the exercises please contact Babi Actif and we will be happy to help.