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Actively enjoying the outdoors with your baby

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Babi Actif

Being active and outdoors with your baby

Why be active outdoors with your baby?

Good for your baby

Physical activity is great for physical and mental well-being (both yours and your baby’s), it encourages babies’ development and perhaps most importantly, it’s a lovely way to bond with your baby and have some fun together!

1000 first

The first 1,000 days (between conception and a child’s 2nd birthday) offer a unique window of opportunity to build healthier, happier children and to improve
their life chances.

Get active outdoors

It’s well documented that physical fitness brings many health benefits. Regular exercise can prevent chronic illness and is proven to improve mood, reduce stress and improve sleep patterns.

Good for

Having a new baby can be very exciting but can also be an overwhelming and socially isolating time. Babi Actif offers the opportunity to meet new friends, develop confidence and help to create lasting habits and hobbies.

Take a look…


Babi Actif co-ordinates a programme of sessions across Conwy, Gwynedd, Denbighshire and Anglesey, completely FREE of charge. Sessions are designed to get you and your baby outdoors and active and are delivered by qualified instructors.  The programme includes buggy walks, parent and baby fitness, cycling, jogging, sling walks, and outdoor sensory sessions, with the aim of helping new parents find an enjoyable outdoor activity. The emphasis is on having fun and being healthy with your baby, to lay the building blocks for a healthier future for you both.

Session details can be found here or email for a list of current sessions.