Good for your baby

Physical activity is great for physical and mental well-being (both yours and your baby’s), it encourages babies’ development and perhaps most importantly, it’s a lovely way to bond with your baby and have some fun together!

~ Sessions organised by Babi Actif are all FREE and support and encourage parents to be active with their babies. ~

Set healthy lifestyle habits that will last your child a lifetime

Being physically active in the fresh air is good for all of us, but being outdoors is a particularly exciting sensory experience for babies, as they gain experience through their senses and learn about the world around them; also helping them to develop risk awareness and independence.

Being active outdoors also supports your baby’s physical and cognitive development, builds strong bones and muscles and improves coordination and flexibility. Being part of a group with other parents and children will help to increase confidence and social skills and best of all, especially for new parents, fresh air and sunshine improve relaxation and sleep.