Good for you

Having a new baby can be very exciting but can also be an overwhelming and socially isolating time. Babi Actif offers the opportunity to meet new friends, develop confidence and help to create lasting habits and hobbies.

Being physically active is particularly important for regaining well-being and fitness for new mums, but it can also benefit all carers and family members. Being outdoors can make people feel better and contributes to good mental health – remember that it’s not just babies who benefit from getting some exercise and fresh air. It’s never too late to start trying to be a bit healthier and what better reason than to enjoy quality time with the new addition to your family and help them learn about the world?

Whether you have previously enjoyed a healthy and active lifestyle and are now finding it more difficult with a baby to look after, or have never been a particularly active person, sessions organised by Babi Actif will support you to try something new in a friendly and informal setting. From buggy and sling walks, parent and baby fitness sessions, to cycling, dancing or messy play, there will be drop-in sessions, courses and tasters to encourage you to enjoy physical activity with your whole family.